The recycling sector is extremely diverse and is developing quickly, mainly driven by the need for sustainability, by pressure on the consumption economy and the scarcity of raw materials. Recycling innovations can be recognised in terms of re-use of waste materials, further use of residual materials from the agricultural and chemical industry, through to deployment of residual ows (residual heat, etc.) from production processes. Various ports and industrial complexes have also been seen to embrace this sector. Re-use, recycling and related concepts are expected to reach new heights in the years to come, with sufficient growth potential to offer opportunities for those ports and industrial complexes which have the insight to facilitate further development of such closed loops in a smart manner.


The presence and composition of the industrial activity in Delfzijl and Eemshaven offers plenty of opportunities for investment in the forecast growth of the recycling industry. A number of companies in the chemical industry also already make use of each others’ residual products, varying from steam and heat to waste products. Further investment in co-siting initiatives and the development of auxiliary utilities are the next steps to be taken, to benefit from this sector’s growth. There must also be attention for the necessary connections to the hinterland, such as the city of Groningen and the agricultural sector, with regard to the re-use of residual products. The focus must be on synergy in order to further develop the current position.



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