The municipalities of Eemsmond and Delfzijl are currently working hard on a new zoning plan for the two industrial seaports. This is being done in close consultation with the Province of Groningen, Groningen Seaports and other stakeholders. The new zoning plans for Eemshaven and Oosterhorn are expected to be ratified in December 2016. Until that time it will have to be established in consultation with the municipal and provincial authorities how each new initiating company can be incorporated in the plan. The new zoning plans will allow category 5.3 of industry where it is necessary and safe to do so. A lower maximum will be set in areas where such a heavy category of activities will have an excessive environmental impact on the area. This will be the case mainly on the outskirts of the areas.


The province has included a notable ambition regarding sustainability and the environment in its “Integral Environmental Policy Plan 2013-2016”.


“The Province of Groningen will thus ensure that innovative companies that fit within the biobased economy will be given preference. We intend to continue to promote the cradle-to-cradle principle, in which recycling and even the upgrading of released material streams following their use are taken into account as early as in the product design phase”.


The key objective of the environmental policy of the Province of Groningen within its long-term vision is: “Sustainable development, sufficient job opportunities and a livable Groningen for people and nature, whilst retaining and improving the quality of the physical environment, so that future generations retain sufficient options for their development”.

The provincial authority focuses sharply on sustainable development in industry in its “Integral Environmental Policy Plan” and the accompanying “Policy Rule for Permit Issuing, Supervision and Enforcement”. The challenge faced by new companies is therefore to go beyond “old-fashioned” recycling and to demonstrate that they create added value on the way to a circular economy.


Depending on the nature and scope of the activities, each new company will need to apply for a permit or file a notification under the WABO. The WABO application or notification makes it possible to apply for virtually all environment-related aspects of the new company all at once. This includes, for example, building, demolition, environmental, driveway/exit permits and more. If required Groningen Seaports can assist companies in their contact with the competent authorities with regard to these permit applications or noti cations.


Groningen Seaports operates an establishment policy in which companies are helped to find the best expansion or establishment location and which also contributes to meeting the individual and collective sustainability ambitions. The possibilities and restrictions under environmental legislation have already largely been incorporated in the establishment policy. The establishment policy can be obtained from the business managers at Groningen Seaports.


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